Official viral Video for Me & My Soul

“Me & My Soul” is one of the first songs to be released from my new upcoming mixtape “Late Nights, Early Mornings” the song itself is my life it represents the reality of the work we put in the waking up in the morning to find your the only person on your road to the dreams of walking into a hotel suite with your name all over it, where this year has been one of my busiest regarding my music career and as a student the song represents the hope you must have that you ill find a way through. SHOUTOUT To @Troy_Oconnor FOLLOW HIM helped alot with this

THE VIDEO: with the video we wanted to show nearly every aspect of what i go through on a regular basis the business ventures in the early mornings of the day the traveling and level of work thats gets put into to the moments where i can just sit down and relax hopefully this is what you see if not comment and tell me

IAmMikeLove, MikeLoveIAm … keep it mellow


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