SIYA and Moosh & Twist

so recently a friend suggested i listen to this song where i thought it was gonna be some any ramble but after clicking and listening i found myself heading over to the replay button where an hour later it was then on my ipod with her mixtape “Elevator Dreams” and i gotta say shes friggin killing it her flow and content is dangerous i dont know if shes established or just blowing up either way shes DOPE! so check her out! remeber SIYA or Here

Moosh & Twist of OCD was another random discovery where i happened to listen to their song “Live it Up” and just loved everything about it that feel good vibe and im not gonna compare them to anyone coz there is know one to compare them too theyre just DOPE! and im happy i found them i got their mixtape and ive been vybing to loads of theyre songs both artist are dope lyrically and just the sound they create is DOPE so check em out HERE

but yh i recommend you check both their videos out + visuals r DOPE



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