#LNAEM = Late Nights And Early Mornings

so my second mixtape LNAEM is well on its way and i cant stop listening to it ive leanred alot from the major league (my first mixtape) and have taken the advice i have been given from that project and the many things i have learnt myself through the journey from the wrongs and the rights the things to do and not to d and taken all the positives and things that would improve myself and put it into my music and this mixtape where the change are phenomenal! as an artist i myself can say ive grown and everyone that has heard the material i have has seen the difference and improvement where i hope on the release you will feel the same way in terms of a release date im not sure yet but its not far off progress is crazy and nothing is rushed the creativity is up there and everythings going perfect! and smoothly just thought id update you and include my inspiration behind one of the tracks im totaly in ove with called #REDMIST!!! picture below thanks to TUMBLR 😉 ( iammikelove.tumblr.com ) and believe every track has its source of inspiration! #LNAEM bishhhhhhh @IAmMikeLove watch out for IAMLIFE episode 2 muhahahaahahah


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