Who is M.L?

A Musician who had already accomplished so much within the opening years of his career had decided to spend the entire year of 2012 focusing on his craft, which as a result would develop a sound that truly represents his artistry whilst harboring many of his influences taken from his surroundings, other musicians and fans he had worked with around the globe from the start having already collaborated on a global scale with producer Scarf P from Sweden and singer/songwriter Lewis Tre from Detroit, America earlier on, he is now at the stage in his career where the transition from musician to artist has put him in an entire different league.

With the change he had recently underwent his creative process is now a very thorough procedure, every song is written from scratch, every instrumental made from nothing and every detail is taking into consideration making his music truly an experience that cannot be duplicated.

Raised in South east London he sees no limit to what corners of the earth his music will reach after already possessing an impressive coverage around the globe from listeners after the release of his second project. M.L is set on realeasing some eagerly awaited new material that has been evolving throughout the year of 2012 and will soon surface in 2013 to unveil the very much new and improved IAmMikeLove.