About Us

I’m Mr. Platinum C.E.O of Platinum Iridium Co, Ltd aka P, aka Plat you
can call me whatever just don’t call me a dick. Let me start off by
telling you whats the meaning of Iridium. Iridium is an element on the
periodical chart number 77, and is apart of the Platinum Group of
elements. Iridium is the purest form of Platinum, and played a key
role in the extinction of dinosaurs. This is the basis of our company
we represent the purest of the best which is Platinum. When music
artist achieve 1 million records sold they go Platinum. When a husband
buys an engagement ring his wife, she wants that platinum ring because
its the best.This is Scientifically proven. Our company represents the
best at what we do. We also will play a key role in the extinction of
UN brands, so called dinosaurs that monopolize the fashion game. When
we say think science were encouraging everybody to think
intelligently about the clothes you put on. Don’t buy clothes because
you see Celebrities wearing them. Buy clothes you like because it
looks great and feels comfortable. Don’t let that cover of a magazine
influence how you dress from head to toe. Be smart, be wise, think
scientifically “THINK SCIENCE”.

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