IAmMikeLove has now finished his second mixtape titled Late Nights And Early Mornings which is set to cause a strong buzz he has described the new mixtape as he’s biggest improvement due to the things he has learnt as he has grown in music and what he had learnt from his first mixtape with the release date being set for July 10th it is now available for download below he hopes all his supporters are ready! and welcomes and new lemonade sippers! to the sippin society

1. Colourful Money(Intro)
2.Here We Go
3.Getting Ready
4.Me & My Soul
5.We All Try (Ft Frank Ocean)
6.The Journey
8.Is It Love
9.Say It
10.Milf Killer II (Ft Lewis Tre)
11.Red Lipstick (Prelude)
12.Red Lipstick
13.I Know, You Know
14.Up For The Night
15.Next Episode
16.Red Mist
17.Wont Stop (Ft Scarf P)
18.Move On (Outro)
19.I Dont Care (Bonus)

the whole form factor of LNAEM(Late nights And Early Mornings) comes from the way in which IAmMikelove works as he hardly sleeps he is constantly working through the days and through the nights on various projects where this is certainly the case for LNAEM the mixtape for previews of the mixtape be sure to keep up to date with his IAMLIFE Episodes.


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