The Major League

IAmMikeLove has released his first mixtape titled the major league, he has worked with artist globally from sweden artist/producer Scarf P and singer song writer Lewis Tre from Detroit it surely is an international collaboration. consisting of a major 30 tracks to listen to hes sure youll find a few songs you like enjoy


1.Are You
3.Snapback ‘N’ Shades
5.When Im Famous
6.Stary Nights
7.So ZOned
8.Majoristic Part 1
9.Vitamin D(ope)
10.Feel Good Music (ft Mz Laolu)
12.Majoristic Part 2
13.Want You To Do
14.Round ‘N’ Round
15.From Here
16. Cant Forget Your Love
17.In The Streets (Ft Lewis Tre)
18.Dreamer (Ft Lewis Tre)
19.Somethings Up (Ft Lewis Tre)
20.Are We Going (Ft Lewis Tre)
22.So Curious (Ft Lewis Tre)
23.In The CLub
25.Toast To The Future
26.I Perform
28.Take A Seat (Ft Mz Laolu)
29.On My Way On
30.Angel In A Bowtie (Bonus)


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